Speed Up Your House Sale


We are finding many sales of property are being unnecessarily delayed because the Vendor(s)

is not ready to sell at the point a property goes sale agreed. The following advice has been prepared

by the Law Society of Ireland as a useful guide to speed up the sale of your house (or other property).

Sweeney McHugh Solicitors can offer a title review service and advise you of any further documents or

information that will be required to allow for a sale of your property.


Contact your solicitor as soon as possible. Your solicitor will need to get your title deeds
immediately in order to prepare a contract for the sale of your house and will also need to
take full instructions from you on the details of the sale. There are several pieces of
information and documentation that your solicitor will need and you should start getting them
together now.

1. Details of where your title documents are (if your title deeds are with a bank, provide
the name of the bank and the account number).

2. Local Property Tax printout showing local property tax paid to current year end

3. Receipt or Certificate of Discharge showing that the Household Charge has been
discharged (www.householdcharge.ie),

4. Certificate of Exemption or Discharge for NPPR (applied from 2010 to 2013)

5. Details of your water and drainage supply,

6. If you have a septic tank on the property, evidence of its registration

7. If you are or ever have been married, a copy of your state marriage or civil
partnership certificate (and copy of separation agreement or divorce, if applicable),

8. BER Certificate showing the energy rating on your home,

9. Details of any building work you have done with copies of any planning permissions
and architects’ certificates of compliance,

10. If your property is in a managed development, contact details for the management
company/managing agents, and receipts for service charges,

11. If the property is let, copy letting agreement,

12. Details of any contents included in sale,

13. PPS Number(s) – needed for proof of identity,

14. Photographic identification such as passport(s),

15. Utility bill / bank statement (within the last 3 months) to prove your address.