Have you planned ahead?

Planning ahead

According to a new survey conducted by Red C and released by Safeguarding Ireland:

  • Just 6% of sampled adults had legally nominated a family member, or friend to be their Attorney (under Enduring Power of Attorney) to make legal and financial decisions should they become unable to do so.
  • Only 8% had discussed a preferred place of care with family, friends, or an appointed Attorney.
  • Just 11% were aware of what an advance healthcare directive is.
  • Just 27% had made a will.


Solicitor and Safeguarding Ireland Chairperson Patricia Rickard Clarke, launching the survey, has stressed the need for Irish people in case a sudden even or illness affects their capacity. “At any time we are vulnerable to not having capacity to make decisions for ourselves due to ageing, illness or an accident. It is when do not have decision making capacity that we become most vulnerable to being abused,” she noted.

“Safeguarding Ireland is recommending that people safeguard themselves for their future by thinking ahead. This involves having in place an Attorney, a care plan, an understanding of an advance healthcare directive, a pension and a will for management of family wealth.” The Law Society is proud support the work of Safeguarding Ireland.

The research clearly shows that the majority of people have not prepared for how they wish their estates to be dealt with upon their death. It is also clear that the vast majority of Irish adults have not taken steps to safeguard their wellbeing due to loss of mental capacity.

As we start into a New Year it is a great time for people to focus on their intentions on both of these areas and to take action for their families and businesses.

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